The main implementation Actions of the project are:

C1 Knowledge capitalization in the three project areas

The aim of this action is to capitalize existing knowledge on the agricultural sectors of the regions of Crete, Sicily and Cyprus with a special focus on the six pilot areas, as well as, to examine how climate change is affecting (or is expected to affect) the agriculture of the project areas.

Start date: 01/10/2015, End date: 29/02/2016
Status: Completed

Download here the Deliverable of this Action (Del. C1.1)

C2 Review and assessment of the national and European policy framework on agriculture and evaluation of the available adaptation options

During this Action, a review and assessment of the existing framework policy supporting the adaptation of agriculture to climate change took place, both at European and project implementation level (i.e. Crete, Cyprus and Sicily), while the developed national/regional adaptation plans for the agricultural sector were examined.

In addition, the available techniques and methods for addressing climate change impacts on agriculture were identified and evaluated. To this end, specifically designed questionnaires will be distributed to experts and stakeholders engaged in the field.

Start date: 01/02/2016, End date: 31/10/2016
Status: Completed

Download here the Deliverable of this Action (Del. C2.1)

C3 Use of regional climate models for the projection of future climate conditions

C4 Assessment of the vulnerability of agriculture to climate change

C5 Development of the ADAPT2CLIMA tool to support adaptation planning for agriculture

C6 Implementation, optimization and demonstration of the ADAPT2CLIMA tool

C7 Development of an adaptation strategy of agriculture to climate change impacts