Co-funded by the European Union (LIFE14 CCA/GR/000928)

Adapt2clima toolkit

The aim of the ADAPT2CLIMA Decision Support tool is to enhance understanding of climate change and its impacts on agriculture in order to support farmers, policy makers and other relevant stakeholders (agronomists, agribusiness industry, etc.) in adaptation planning. See more...(provide a link to open a new window where the whole text will appear)

The impacts of climate change on crop performance, water availability and on the agricultural sector in general are presented through interactive visualization maps and graphs by means of the ADAPT2CLIMA tool. What is more, the tool may be used for exploring the available adaptation options for addressing climate change impacts and their efficiency in increasing the resilience of agriculture.

The main climate change scenarios examined refer to the average climatic conditions expected for the period 2031-2060 under RCP4.5 and 8.5 and therefore, the tool may serve for long-term adaptation planning.

Additionally, extreme climatic scenarios (dry, wet, hot, cold) under RCP8.5 are examined in order for the tool to be used for short-term adaptation planning by farmers, in case such extreme climatic conditions occur in the near future.

The tool is currently applied in Cyprus, Crete (Greece) and Sicily (Italy) but it may be used by everyone wishing to develop a regional adaptation strategy for the agricultural sector of Italy, Greece and Cyprus, through the “apply the tool to your area” feature.