Co-funded by the European Union (LIFE14 CCA/GR/000928)

June 2019

The ADAPTtoClimate conference ( was held at Heraklion (Crete) on 24 - 25 June, under the LIFE ADAPT2CLIMA project.

During the Conference, that had the participation of more than 250 conveners from 33 countries, 99 oral and 30 poster presentations were given.

Though ADAPT2CLIMA project’ s main focus area is the adaptation of agricultural sector to climate change, the Conference addressed a wider array of topics including climate change impacts, vulnerability and adaptation.

The project team members participated in the Conference with presentations regarding the main results and findings of the ADAPT2CLIMA project. 

More specifically:

Christos Giannakopoulos, from the NOA team, gave a presentation entitled LIFE ADAPT2CLIMA: Adaptation to climate change impacts on the Mediterranean islands’ agriculture.

Despina Charchousi, from NTUA, School of Civil Engineering, gave a presentation with the title Assessing climate change impacts on drought severity in Mediterranean islands using the Standardized Precipitation Evapotranspiration Index (SPEI).

Marco Moriondo, from the Biometeorology Institute (National Research Council of Italy) gave a presentation entitled Crop model calibration for assessing climate change impacts on Mediterranean staple crops.

Marinos Markou, from Agricultural Research Institute, gave a presentation with the title Development of a climate change adaptation strategy for agriculture in the framework of ADAPT2CLIMA project: the case of Cyprus.

Christina Papadaskalopoulou, from NTUA team (School of Chemical Engineering), gave a presentation entitled Adapt2clima tool: a decision support tool for supporting adaptation planning in agriculture.

Kostas Varotsos, from NOA team, gave a presentation entitled Future projections of climatic indices relevant to agriculture for Crete, Cyprus and Sicily in the framework of ADAPT2CLIMA project.

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